Tempered Glass
Tri-Temp Glass has invested in equipment and processes that allow us to serve our customers with a high quality product manufactured in a controlled system.   We offer the following capabilities for custom glass fabrication :
Bent Tempered Glass
Laminated Glass
CNC Glass Cutting
Glass Edging
CNC Workcentre
Flat Glass Tempering Specifications: Thickness range: 4mm to 19mm Maximum size of glass: 96” x 144” Minimum size of glass: 4” x 11”
Bent Tempered Glass Specifications: Thickness range: 4mm to 12mm Maximum size of glass: 2440 mm (96”) high  x  1700 mm (66.9”) - girth (Arc length) Wide Minimum size of glass: 300 mm (11.8”) high  x  600 mm (23.6”) - girth (Arc length) Wide Minimum Radius o Glass thickness 5,6 mm  --860 mm or 33.85" Minimum Radius o Glass thickness 4,8,10 mm  - 1000 mm or 39.3" Minimum Radius o Glass thickness 12 mm  - 1200 mm or 47.25" Minimum Radius Maximum Bending Depth (Rise) 400 mm 15.75" 
Thickness Range: 6mm to multi-layer Maximum Size of Glass: 84" x 144" Coloured EVA Interlayers available Painted Glass can be laminated Tempered Laminated - flat or bent
automatic straight and shape cutting 3mm to 19mm sheet size up to 102" x 144" cut from DXF files
Straight Line Polish to 50mm thick -  regular, pencil polish & mitres Shape Polish to 19mm - regular & pencil polish
Fully Automatic routering & polishing Cutouts for hardware Direct processing from CAD files or DXF files
New Machine arriving February 2017 Glass Processing Size 2m (78") x 4m (144")
Semi-Automatic drilling of various hole sizes
Our machine is suitable for processing 5-30mm thicknesses of flat glass. The glass can be processed to a height of 98 inches and the width to 144 inches. The machine adopts PLC control which automates the sandblasting operation. Automatic uniform sandblasting Custom Designs available Clear Coat Protection available
Specially formulated glass paint Every colour available
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