CNC Glass Cutting
Glass Edging
CNC Workcentre
Drilling or Notching
Straight Line Polish up to 50mm thick glass o Flat Polish - Cerium finish o Miter Polish (22.5 and 45 degree and custom angles) Shape Polish to 19mm thick glass o Pencil edge o Flat edge
Automatic Waterjet Cutting of notches and holes for pinpoint accuracy and high degree of quality o Any size hole or notch can be cut by waterjet Semi-Automatic drilling of various hole sizes also available
Glass Fabrication
Automatic straight and shape cutting to tight tolerances 3mm to 19mm glass thickness Sheet size up to 102" x 144" Cut from AutoCAD DXF files
Fully Automatic routering & polishing for shape edging High degree of accuracy and consistency Cutouts for hardware Interior cutout edge finishing capability Direct processing from CAD files or DXF files
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